Wednesday, December 14, 2011

ABS December 2011 Challenge

ABS December 2011 Challenge by Klassy Joolz
ABS December 2011 Challenge, a photo by Klassy Joolz on Flickr.

This months Challenge is The Chrysler Building - NYC Skyscraper -
by William Van Alen architect, at New York, New York, 1928 to 1930

 I found this picture when looking up the Chrysler Building history and thought this outside structure was so amazing.  The picture to the right is an inside elevator picture and equally amazing.  So from these pictures I created  the pendant above as my entry for this month.   I love metallics and these Artisan Lampwork beads by Mandrel on Etsy are a perfect fit for this months theme.

•The Chrysler Building is considered by many tall building fans to be the world's quintessential skyscraper design.
•At its completion the Chrysler Building overtook the Tour Eiffel as the world's tallest man-made structure.
•Groundbreaking was on September 19, 1928, and opening ceremonies were on May 28, 1930.
•Chrysler asked the architect for a world's tallest building. To beat competitors who were trying the same feat, William van Alen designed a 56 meter (185 foot) spire which was secretly delivered to the site in sections, assembled inside the elevator shaft, and raised to the top in 90 minutes.
•A particularly beautiful example of the Art Deco style, the lobby of the Chrysler Building is clad in different marbles, onyx and amber.
•This was one of the first large buildings with extensive metalwork on the facade.
•The ornaments on the shaft and setbacks allude in different ways to the automobile, with metal hubcaps, gargoyles in the form of radiator caps, car fenders, and hood ornaments.
•The eagles which adorn the tower and brightwork above the 61st floor are made of corrosion-resistant Nirosta, an alloy of chrome-nickel steel which was developed by Krupp of Germany.
•The interior is decorated with Egyptian motifs and an Edward Trumbull ceiling fresco titled "Transport and Human Endeavor" that depicts buildings, airplanes, and scenes from the Chrysler assembly line.
•The building has a total of 3,862 windows.
•20,961 tons of structural steel, 391,881 rivets, and 3,826,000 bricks were used to assemble the building.

So with all that....I loved this months Challenge!


  1. How pretty! I actually thought that you had made an ornament for the tree. I think it would work as either. This structure is amazing, and I am so happy to see what people are creating!
    Enjoy the day!