Saturday, March 30, 2013


This is my first Bead Soup Blog Party.  I was partnered with Cassi Paslick who sent me such beautiful beads.  I used most of them in 4 designs.

Here is what she sent me:

My first Design was to make earrings.
Second Design is a Spring Bracelet made with the Green Tone Beads.  I added cute little brass bunnies for Easter.

Third Design is a wired wrapped necklace using the Beautiful Artisan Lentil Lampwork Focal Bead.  Both sides of this bead are equally gorgeous.
These lampwork birds are actually more silver than the picture is showing.

Other side of focal bead.

Fourth Designs is another Bracelet using the Pretty Pewter Clasp with the Blues/White Beads.

Thank you so much Cassi ( for  the fabulous beads and for being my partner!!  I loved working with what you sent me!!  The Lampwork Focal was to die for.  Hope you/everyone likes what  I created with this YUMMY SOUP.  If any one is interested in these pieces they are available for sale. 
Here's what I sent to Cassi.
Thank you Lori for all of your hard work in making this Blog Party so successful and fun!!  You are beyond special!
Visit Lori's blog   OR
Here is a list of the First Revel Participants:

Alicia Marinache

Amber Dawn Goldish

Barb Solem

Bev Breisinger

Birgitta Lejonklou

Breana Fry

Brenda Sue Lansdowne

Bridget Torres

Carol Dee Myers

Carolyn Chenault

Cassi Paslick

Cece Cormier

Cheryl McCloud

Cindy Wilson

Crystal Thain

Cynthia Riggs

Dana Hickey

Dana James

Darlene Fortier

Deana Hager

Deanna Cox

Deb Brooks

Debra Behrends

Denielle Hagerman

Denise McCabe

Diana Frey

Diana Welte

Dini Bruinsma

DiYana Alcalde

Dolores Raml

Donna Millard

Dot Lewallwn

Duane Clark

Dyanne Cantrell

Eleanor Burian-Mohr

Elisabeth Auld

Elizabeth Owens Dwy

Emily Greer

Enikö Fabian

Erin Grant

Eva Kovacs

Eva Sherman

Gina Hockett

Grace Rotenberg

Gretchen Nation

Hannah Rosner

Heather Davis

Heather Marston

Heather Powers

Ingrid McCue

Jacqueline Marchant

Jan Petek

Janeen Sorensen

Jane-Michael Stallings

Jasvanti Patel

Jayashree Paramesh

Jayne Capps

Jean Yates

Jennifer Cameron

Jennifer LaVite

Joan Williams

Jodie Marshall

Judy Riggs

Julie Anne Leggett

Kat Barron Miller

Kathy Lindemer

Kim Hora

Kim Houston

Kim Sparks

Krafty Max

Kris Lanae Binsfeld

Krista French

Kristen Stevens

Kristi Harrison

Kumi Fisher

Laren Dee Barton

Laura Bracken

Laura Demoya

Laurie Hanna

Laurie Keefe-Cecere

Lea Avroch

Leanne Loftus

Lee Anne Messerschmidt

Leslie Schenkel

Linda Anderson

Linda Djokic

Linda Murphy

Linda Sadler

Lisa Liddy

Lisa Suver

Liz DeLuca

Liz Engriser

Lola Surwillo

Loretta Carstensen

Lori Anderson

Lori Bergmann

Lori Bowring Michaud

Lori Poppe

Lori Schneider

Lyn Foley

Maddison Langford

Magdalena Sikora

Mallory Hoffman

Marcella Austenfeld

Marcy Lamberson

Maria Clark

Maria Rosa Sharrow

Marianna Boylan

Marie Covert

Marti Conrad

Mary Ellen Merrigan

Mary Harding

Molly Alexander

  Nan Emmett

Niky Sayers

Pam Chesbro

Pam Farren

Pam Sandy

Pam Traub

Pamela Gangler

Patricia Buchanan

Patricia Johnson

Patty Miller

Paula Hisel

Peggy Gabrielson

Perri Jackson

Rachel Baron

Rachel Stanley

Rain Hannah

Rana Wilson

Renetha Stanziano

Robin Reed

Rochelle Brisson

Rose Rushbrooke

Ruth Szapa

Sally Russick

Sandi Volpe

Sandra Pendragon

Sandy Richardson

Sarah Small

Shannon Hicks

Shari Replogle

Sheila Daniels

Sheila Davis

Shiraz Biggie

Shirley Moore

Skylar Bre'z

Staci Smith

Stacie Florer

Stacy Pomerleau

Stephanie Weiss

Sumi Rani

Susan Sheehan

Suzette Bentley

Tamera Norris

Tracy Choy

Tracy Stillman

Valerie Norton

Vicki Holliday