Monday, July 21, 2014


My entry for the July Monthly Challenge..."Ocean Marvel" is the name my friend gave this necklace. What a perfect name!  She is now the proud owner of it.  Thank you LaDonna!

Love, love, love this picture and all the wonderful colors for sure!!!...and that Little Skully sleeping in the deeps of the ocean and what's in that Treasure Chest?

Made with fabulous Fancy Disc Lampwork Beads, Sea Urchin Lampwork Beads, Tentacle Lampwork Beads, Jelly Fish Lampwork Beads and Metallic Lampwork Beads ...

Freshwater Keshi Pearls, Czech Glass Bellflowers, Pewter Mermaid and a Sterling Silver Toggle Clasp comprise this necklace. 

I wish I could write like Erin, but I can't so I will just quote her write up about this beautiful painting.  Her words hit it right on because this is how this picture visually felt to me, too:  "Mysterious depths, encrusted treasures, barnacles and tentacles, ethereal beauty, watery mythology all painted with a muted yet lush palette of blues, purples, greens, browns and creams. This challenge painting was filled with inspiration, from the colors and textures, to the sea-life shapes and forms". 

 I tried to incorporate all of the above into my inspiration necklace. 

The Little Mermaid, 1911 by Edmund Dulac 
Pencil, pen, black ink and watercolour with scratching out 
on paper