Tuesday, May 27, 2014


Here is my May entry for the ABS Monthly Challenge:

 Artisan Ceramic Beads by: Mari Carmen Rodriquez Martinez of Spain - es.dawanda.com/shop/majoyoal.  Aren't these beads wonderful?!...the color and the texture are so rich.  I wire wrapped these beautiful beads and accented them with Smokey Topaz Gemstones and Crystal Topaz Spacer Beads.  Simple but elegant. 

I loved the painting that was Chosen:

Capriccio Padovano, 1741
by Bernardo Bellatto
Oil on Canvas
19.3" x 28.7" (49 x 73 cm)

About the Art:

Bernardo Bellotto's style reveals a taste for what is charming and elegant. He specialized in metropolitan landscapes and historical architecture. Often using a technique called camera obscura in order to achieve the greater accuracy of his urban views.

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Friday, May 9, 2014

8th Annual Bead Soup Blog Party

This is my second Bead Soup Blog Party hostessed by the fabulous  Lori Anderson.  This is basically how Lori sets it up: She held sign ups one day for the event and paired people together from all over the world.  There are around 500 participates. Each pair was tasked with sending each other a Bead Soup, consisting of a focal, a special clasp, and some coordinating beads.  The rules are you MUST use the focal and clasp (but not necessarily in the same piece) and that you use all, any, or none of the coordinating beads sent to you. You can make one piece or many.

I was partnered with Pam DeBoer. Yes Pam and Pam are Bead Soup Partners.  Lori was that clever of you or what?  Please visit her Blog at http://pamelas-studio.blogspot.com/.  Here is what Pam send me as Bead Soup:

Such pretty Gemstones of  Kambaba Jasper, Black Onyx, Adventurine, Ceramic Beads, Kashmiri Beads, Wood Beads, Silver Toned Beads and a Very Large Clasp with enlayed Crystals by Blue Moon.

My 1st Design:

1st design was a necklace using the beautiful Focal Pendant of  Kambaba Jasper and the Kambaba round beads.   I added Brass Beads, Brass Owls, Brass Chain and a Fancy Brass Large Lobster Clasp.

2nd Design:

2nd Design I used the Large Clasp, Silver Toned Beads, and Ceramic Round Beads to make a Choker Style Necklace.  I added Artisan Lampwork Beads, Crystal Spacer Beads (to match the crystals in the clasp), and Glass Pearl Beads.  The Clasp is worn on the side of the neck or could even be worn in the front.

3rd Design: 

3rd Design was a Necklace using the Black Onyx Beads.  I had had this Artisan Lampwork Heart Pendant for the longest time and these Onyx Beads were just the perfect match that it needed.  I added more Artisan Lampwork Beads, Black Crystal Spacer Beads and Black Stone Gemstones.

4th Design:

Introducing one of Little Polymere Clay Owls...my first attempt at working with Polymere Clay

In my 4th Design I made a bracelet with the Kashmiri Beads. They inspired me to incorporate some Vintage Tibetan Beads that a friend give me from her travels.  They include an Ethnic Tibetan Repousse Bead, Nepal Tibetan Beads,  Tibetan Brass Beads, and some that I'm not sure of.  I, also, added  some Yellow Turquoise, a Polymere Clay Owl Bead that I made and a Tassel.

5th Design:

My 5th and final design was a pair of Feathered Earring using a couple of the Wooden Beads.  I added small Caulk Turquoise  Beads and some beautiful Quail Feathers that I collected from some of the Quail where I live in Lake Havasu City.

And here is what I sent Pam for her Bead Soup:

Her Package

Her Soup

A little something extra

Thank you to Lori, my Blog Hop Partner Pam Deboer and everyone for stopping by...Have a GREAT DAY!

Please go 
 here to get the list to visit all the other participants that joined in the fun.