Friday, April 23, 2010

A Strange Vistor The Hoary Bat

Hoary bats are large, dark-colored and heavily furred bats. The tip of their hair is white, giving the bat a frosted, or hoary appearance.

This is the most wide spread of all of the bats found in the United States; it occurs from Hawaii to Iceland to Bermuda and the Dominican Republic.

I found this little guy sleeping in a tree.  What a surprise to find him as they are rarely seen.

Hoary bats spend the summer days hidden in the foliage of trees. Much like the red bat, they choose a leafy site open beneath them, and usually 10-15 feet above the ground. Because hoary bats are solitary roosting bats and keep themselves well hidden, this species is usually never encountered by humans.

In the evening, the hoary bat emerges late, and they may wake and fly during late after noon on warm winter days. Almost nothing is known of the feeding habits of this species, however it is suggested that hoary bats feed on moths, beetles, dragonflies, and mosquitoes.  This probably explains why he was in my neighborhood since I live close to the lake (Lake Havasu).

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