Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Gorgeous Sunsets and Sunrises Here in the Desert

Check out the STOP Sign in the 1st picture...It must mean STOP and look at this beautiful Sunset.  This is down the street from my house and sun is setting over the lake (Lake Havasu, AZ)

This is a beautiful Sunrise out of the back of my house...WOW...It changes so quickly that is hard to get a picture as the sun is coming up.

Another gorgeous Sunset...While we get no snow here it does get chilly, but I'm so fortune to be able to enjoy God's creation of beautifully vivid colored skies.  Sometimes it just takes your breathe away...


  1. That first photo -- HAUNTING with the stop sign!

  2. It is...I was so surprised that it was in the picture like that...???