Thursday, August 18, 2011

AUGUST 2011 ABS Challenge

AUGUST 2011 ABS Challenge by Klassy Joolz
Can you see the CYCLE?


August ABS Challenge

Necklace inspired by the art piece Illustration for American Crescent Cycles, 1899 by
Frederick Winthrop Ramsdell

This necklace is made with Artisan Lampwork Beads by Mandrel on Etsy.  I love her beads because of the unique quality of  them and the metallic glass that she uses.  So these beads were just perfect.  The focal flower bead and other accent lampwork beads with their cycles of silver flowing around them, as well as, just a hint of green in the clear encased beads are just so lovely.  The Natural Brass Pendant reminds me of the women's beautiful hair and dress, the brass Vintaj circles are the cycle's wheels, brass chain is the bike chain and the brass flowers are the floating field of flowers around the gorgeous picture...I hope my interpretation works~~~~~

I, also, used Swarovski Crytsals, freshwater pearls and necklace is wired wrapped in bronze and non-tarnish silver plated wire.


  1. Your interpretation is beautiful.

  2. Oh. MY! That is some jaw-dropping loveliness to be sure! I love the way the filigree reminds me of both the flowers and the spokes of a bike wheel. I love the soft and muted colors. This is so gorgeous! Thanks for sharing! Enjoy the day!

  3. Wow! That is so lovely! And yes, I could see the bicycle :)

  4. I can just see the poster art in your design... it's truly beautiful!