Friday, October 14, 2011

ABS October Challenge

ABS October Challenge by Klassy Joolz
ABS October Challenge, a photo by Klassy Joolz on Flickr.
October ABS Challenge entry~~~~~

Leaf Pendant:

Artisan Lampwork Bead by LL Designs
Artisan Ceramic Leaf by Beads of Clay
Wire Wrapped in Copper with Copper Bail

These are pictures of baby hedgehogs that our pet hedgehog had a few years back...too cute!

My son had purchased a Hedgehog for his girl friend, but unknown to all of us was that it was a she and she was pregnant.  What a shock/surprise to one day look in the cage and there were all these cute little babies.  It was so amazing as they are such strange creatures...we were so lucky to have experienced this wonder of nature and been able to enjoy them. 

October Challenge Picture and Color Pallet


  1. That is a very pretty pendant. The baby hedgehogs are so very cute.

  2. Thanks for sharing the pictures of the baby hedgehogs! Were heir coats already prickly?

    And your pendant will be such fun to wear.