Friday, December 21, 2012

ABS DEC Monthly Challenge

ABS DEC Monthly Challenge by Klassy Joolz
ABS DEC Monthly Challenge, a photo by Klassy Joolz on Flickr.
Here is my Entry for the December 2012 Monthly Challenge.

Bracelet is designed with beautiful Artisan Lampwork Beads, Sterling Silver, Freshwater Pearls, Crystals and Czech Bellflowers
 Sleeping Beauty by Erté, 1983
26 1/2" x 33" Serigraph

About the Art
Erté's characteristic style found a new and enthusiastic market in the 1960s, and the artist responded to renewed demand by creating a series of colorful lithographic prints and sculpture.
His taste for the exotic and romantic, and his appreciation of the sinuous and lyrical human figure is felt in all of his art.
About the Artist
Romain de Tirtoff (23 November 1892 – 21 April 1990) was a Russian-born French artist and designer known by the pseudonym Erté, the French pronunciation of his initials, R.T. He was a diversely talented 20th-century artist and designer who flourished in an array of fields, including fashion, jewellery, graphic arts, costume and set design for film, theatre, and opera, and interior decor.
Erté is perhaps most famous for his elegant fashion designs which capture the art deco period in which he worked.  His delicate figures and sophisticated, glamorous designs are instantly recognisable, and his ideas and art still influence fashion into the 21st century.

I've always loved Erte' for his beautiful Art and Designs.

Thank you for stopping by and Happy Holidays!!!!


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  1. Beautiful bracelet, Pamela... and very Christmasy, too, don't you think?

    (Don't know where you found time to sneak in the challenge LOL.)