Tuesday, March 31, 2015

March Hares - the AJE Themed Challenge Reveal

Well to say I love Bunnies is somewhat of a understatement.  I have been collecting them for years.  There was a time when I even raised them.  My favorite Bunny was Inkie!  A beautiful White Bunny with black spots, a black stripe down her back and a black Butterfly Nose marking.  She was so sweet!! These two bunnies are from some of my decorations.

She kind of looked like this "sweetie".

Here's another one of my home decor pieces....

Displaying bracelet with Blueberri Beads...."Hare"...

One of my designs is a necklace using the "Boxing Hares" by Blueberri Beads...Caroline's stunning silhouettes raku ceramics

I used Artisan Lampwork Beads, Pyrite Gemstones, Czech Bellflowers, Sterling Silver Bead Caps, Crystal Spacer Beads, and Ceramic Raku

Here's some more Bunnies....plates I just love!

Bracelet design...Pretty Hare... Blueberri Beads

Artisan Lampwork Beads, Wire Wrapped, Crystal Spacer Beads, Sterling Silver Bunny Charm, Handmade Resin Clasp with Antique Rhinestone Button (by me) and Ceramic Raku 

Here are just a few more of my Bunny Pieces waiting to be???...

Thanks for stopping by!  Happy Spring!  Happy Easter!  Bunnies Rule!!!!

To see more about Bunnies, Hare, and Rabbits go to...month of the Hare

Here are the other participants:

AJE Team

Karin Grosset Grange - Ginko et Coquelicot
Pamela Traub - Klassy Joolz.........................................you are here
Michelle McEnroe ( 4 pieces pinned on  the AJE Pinterest page)


  1. What a beautiful collection of bunnies and hares! Your jewelry is beautiful, rich and sophisticated.

  2. Beautiful designs. I love the warm rich earthy colors of the beads you used. Lovely neutral palettes that could be worn with so many other colors.

  3. I love your jewellery pieces, such beautiful colours which work perfectly with the focals :)

  4. Oh! your colors! The lamp work beads play off the glaze colors so beautifully, I LOVE Caroline's raku beads and its so exciting seeing them as finished pieces!
    Thank you for joining us on the first inaugural themed challenge!

  5. What lovely designs, I love the colours you have chosen and the clasp on the bracelet is really wonderful!

  6. Such a beautiful mix of colors and textures.....well done!

  7. You created lovely pieces! The beads you chose are perfect with Caroline's hare bead!

  8. Oooooh Pamela, me likey likey so much, you have done those beads justice indeed and created some lovely jewellery. Love them !

  9. I love your designs Pamela! I'm thrilled to see my beads in your designs... They're beautiful! I also love all your other hare/bunny components and home decor pieces, you have a wonderful collection :)

  10. I love your bracelet and necklace. Absolutely beautiful! It was also fun to see some of your other bunny items (especially the beads!!)